10 Reasons Serious Bankruptcy Lawyers Should Attend The Bankruptcy Practice Workshop

If you’re interested in learning how to bring in more business and streamline your practice for greater efficiency, there’s no better place to be than in Boston this July.


If the living isn’t easy in your practice, spend an intense, no frills weekend with me  and Jay Fleischman working the marketing and management side of a consumer law practice.

You need to be there if

  1. your firm website just occupies space in the internet
  2. you think Penguin is an arctic water bird
  3. you like filing  and filing cabinents
  4. your staff takes home more than you do
  5. you’re competing for clients with petition preparers and cut rate mills
  6. your blog is as interesting as a parts manual
  7. you have no one to ask about law as business
  8. your SEO is DOA
  9. your kids are more techno savvy than you are
  10. your paid leads lead nowhere

All the legal skills in the world are useless if aren’t attracting clients who can benefit.  And no one taught us this stuff in law school.

In fact,  if what you know about SEO is more than a couple years old, you’ve likely gotten left behind in internet marketing.

So let’s talk about network building, online and off line.  Content creation, traffic growth, staff hiring, and cost effective technology.

bpw-facultyThe classroom is small, so we can take questions and have real discussions.

Joining Jay and me will be Gene Melchionne, Rachel Foley and Michelle Kainen.  These are all practicing bankruptcy lawyers with years of experience and a passion for the management side of law, as well as the client side.

Read what those attended earlier workshops said about the experience.

Early-bird pricing ends June 7th.  Sign up with the promo code lanning and you save an extra $100.

If the living is easy in your practice, stay home and BBQ.

If it isn’t, join Jay and me in Boston for some down home practice building.

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