All You Need To Know To Help Clients With Tax Troubles

TaxesEverything you need to know about taxes in bankruptcy, plus a bit more, in a virtual workshop.

This NACBA webinar  November 20 and 21st will do far more than scratch the surface of the possibilities and pitfalls when your bankruptcy clients bring tax troubles to the table.

Plus, splitting the six hours of material over two days allows for a bit of law practice on the side.

What’s on tap

Day one opens with 2 hours of tax basics, including discharging taxes, tax liens, and planning for tax issues, along with the vital question of how to get and understand tax transcripts.

Next up is cancellation of debt income, capital gains, real and phantom, from sales of real property, and dealing with 1099’s.

Day two tackles liens and levies; the possibilites in the short year election; and innocent spouse issues. Tara Twomey looks at cases on SFR’s, plan provisions, and late filed returns.

The seminar wraps up looking at alternatives to bankruptcy for tax issues, including offers in compromise.

There’s a question and answer session with each speaker, if you attend live, and an opportunity to submit questions in advance.

Why add taxes to your bankruptcy practice

Competence in tax matters greatly expands the world of clients you can help in bankruptcy.  Every tax professional in your community has a network of people who could use bankruptcy to climb out of a tax hole.

Plus, there’s nothing like a tax collector threatening a levy to get the procrastinating potential client focused on fixing the problem.

It’s as though the tax folks are out beating the bushes for people who really need what I do.

Nuts and bolts

Webinar costs $199 for NACBA members; $349 for non members.

Webinar is live November 20 and 21 starting at noon Eastern time each day.

Sign up here.

CLE granted for IL and TX;  applied for in AL, CA, GA, KY, MN, NC TN, and WA.

Modest cost, delivered to your computer monitor, recorded if you have commitments keeping you from the live presentation.

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