How To Get The Essential Skills For Being A Better Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you start practicing bankruptcy law, it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of competence pretty quickly.  Then you step on a land mine and realize things are just starting to get interesting.

When I was beginning my career as a bankruptcy lawyer, I had the benefit of daily contact with my mentor.  His sure hand and constant guidance helped me hone my craft and gain the confidence to tackle the tough issues on my own.

One of the best things about having the benefit of his wisdom, however, was the fact that he was able to throw up flares to alert me to issues I never would have noticed otherwise.

I’d sit down with him over lunch to talk about a new client and he’d ask in an off-handed way, “how did he react when you mentioned the lien strip issue?”

Of course, I hadn’t even considered the lien strip issue.  In fact, I didn’t know there was one to begin with.

As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know.  It was only years later that I realized my mentor was passing along valuable information with each innocuous question, sparing my insecurities and molding me into a better lawyer.

There’s Always A Nuance

Years later, I watch practitioners new and experienced alike bump into walls when confronted with what to others may appear to be elementary scenarios.

These are good lawyers who want to do the best job possible.  They just don’t have the tools at their disposal, and they’ve moved beyond the mentorship phase of their careers.

We’re all these at one time or another.  A judgment lien’s got to be stripped.  A Chapter 13 is cratering and we need to figure out the best way to save the client.  A thorny tax or small business issue presents itself.

It’s not difficult, but if you’ve never done it then it’s a mystery.

Fill Your Toolkit

I’ve identified nine fundamental skills you need to prosecute a bankruptcy case to completion.  For each one I’ve packaged a audio lesson and practical, real-world forms to help you get on your way.

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Buy all 9 of the sessions, or pick up a few to brush up on some necessary skills.

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Here Are The Downloadable Sessions

Avoiding Liens That Impair Exemptions. What liens can be avoided in Chapter 7? How about in Chapter 13? Learn how to value collateral, deal with the interests of non-debtors and calculate how much of the lien is void.
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Business Issues In Bankruptcy.  Debtors in business bring distinctive issues: payroll taxes, premises leases, guaranteed debts, and more.  Understand how to analyze the issues, separate the individual from his business entity, and achieve the client’s goals for the business.
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Dealing With Proofs of Claims. When do you need to review claims? Determine when objecting to a claim benefits the client and identify the bases for objection. Are there claims you need to file for your client’s best interest?

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Defending Motions For Relief From Automatic Stay. When your client’s house or car is at stake, you need to know how to resist a motion for relief from stay. Understand the differences between termination, modification and annulment. Craft a strategy to protect the client’s asset.

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Hardship Discharges In Chapter 13.  Explore this powerful tool for rescuing a failing Chapter 13 case.  Weigh the alternatives of dismissal, modification or conversion.  Preserve a lien strip by getting a discharge in Chapter 13 without completing the plan.

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Lien Stripping How-To. Know which liens can be stripped, and which can be crammed down, in a Chapter 13. Does it matter who is liable for the debt, or who is on title to the property. Who needs to be served to void the mortgage? Get the answers here.

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Reaffirmation, Redemption And Repossession. Delve into the issues of the client and the car: your role as counselor, opportunities for redeeming the car at today’s value, and the risks in reaffirmation. Master the timing issues of keeping the car.

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Stay Violation Litigation Techniques And Tactics. Creditors sometimes don’t behave as well as they should. When your client is still subjected to collection activities, what do you do? Learn the techniques, tactics and limitations involved in handling stay violations.

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Tax Issues In Bankruptcy. Spot tax issues and pin down the timing issues in discharging tax debt. Learn how to deal with tax liens, trust fund taxes, and earmarking. Get the inside guide on how to get the facts from the IRS.

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