What They Didn’t Teach You In Law School

MismatchSeen small business clients who clearly have the technical skill set for their field, but can’t make a go of it?

There’s a mismatch between their professional skills and the operational knowledge they need to run a business using those skills.

It’s the same in law:  you can be an insightful and accomplished lawyer, but if you can’t draw clients and serve them economically, you’re toast.

We see it, and now we propose to fix it.

Jay Fleischman and I are bringing the Bankruptcy Practice Workshop to Boston in July.

Joined by three skilled and articulate friends, we’re presenting two, intense days of marketing and practice management, full of low cost, immediately actionable ideas for attracting clients and running a practice.

We’ll cover

  • making your online presence a client magnet
  • expanding networks of people who feed your practice
  • measuring how you’re succeeding
  • creating content that speaks to readers
  • hiring and working with staff
  • going paperless

Check out the complete two day agenda.

The faculty

Each one of our speakers walks the walk.

They’re experienced consumer lawyers with skills and ideas to share.  They’re also sort of geeks, with an enthusiasm for technology that is useful and profitable, not just fun.

The locale

This isn’t a resort setting, and for two days, there won’t be much time for anything but sharpening the tools in your tool box.  We’ve scheduled it for Saturday and Sunday, so you don’t need to miss time in the office if you don’t choose.

The room is small, so we can take questions and have discussions.  The room is small, so don’t get left out.

Check out the comments from our earlier presentations of this program.

The date

Dates are July 13-14.

Early bird pricing is $997, but use the Bankruptcy Mastery promo code  lanning and take $100 off the price.

After June 7, the early bird price is gone and the cost is $1395.  And the room is small.

What they didn’t teach you in law school, we will.

BPW-NewHeader-4Image courtesy of Flickr and Tudedude.


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