Bankruptcy Lawyers Convene in San Francisco

Looking back at some 15 weeks of writing Bankruptcy Mastery, I’m not sure I’ve ever said, explicitly, that the single most important step to learning the practice of bankruptcy law is joining NACBA.  The NACBA annual meeting starts Friday in San Francisco, and I simply assumed I’d see my readers there.

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is the only professional group dedicated to the issues in the lives of bankruptcy debtors.  It began, with  Norma Hammes and Ike Shulman  from San Jose,  as a lobbying voice for the consumer’s interests when there were few other groups advocating on Capital Hill.

It has grown to almost 5000 members and provides, in my view, the most focused and effective education for those practicing in this field.  The annual meeting will be 2 1/2 days of intense learning, bonding, and sharing among the best consumer lawyers anywhere.

So if I haven’t said it, and you haven’t done it, join NACBA today.  Get on the list serve, get free FastCase,  get your firm listed on the attorney finder, and seek out the state chair for your state for local opportunities.

Come to San Francisco (you can skip the flowers in your hair, as far as I am concerned).  Find me at the convention and introduce yourself.  I’ll be speaking on Saturday on Vesting and Conversion.  Let me know what you’d like me to address here.  It’s questions and feedback from new lawyers that keep this effort pointed in the right direction.

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