Coronavirus & The Law

In the face of pandemic and economic stasis,  information is both vital and fleeting. I’m going to collect here links to sources of information  useful to consumer lawyers as I find them. As always, check the dates on the linked resources, as I fully expect change, and more change as we work our way through […]

IRS Trick I’d Never Seen Before

The third amended IRS claim in my client’s case added entries for an excise tax for 2015 and 2016. Excise tax?  New one on me where the debtor was a general contractor. I called the IRS agent on the POC for some hints as to what the tax was all about .  I needed to […]

Standout Bankruptcy Lawyers Should Be California Certified Specialists

Are you a standout bankruptcy lawyer? California’s certification of bankruptcy specialists helps consumers find standout bankruptcy lawyers. In a state of 35 million residents, with 189,00 active lawyers , only 163 are certified bankruptcy specialists.But the doors to becoming a certified specialist will swing open for a day in October for the written specialist exam. […]