Don’t Miss Out

knife sharpening-david davies flickrWhat’s nearer and dearer to our hearts than getting clients and getting paid?

So, you’ve got a couple of opportunities to sharpen your skills on both fronts coming up in the next week.

Getting Paid

On Thursday, my friends Brett Weiss, Jed Berliner and I will reprise the presentation we did at the NACBA workshop in New Orleans in Oct on getting paid.

We’ll address the tensions in pricing cases in an era of high competition;  the rules of the road and the oversight differences between the chapters; and why there’s a huge advantage in keeping time and filing fee applications.

It’s on-line, so no travel involved. The cost is low ($25) and the return is high.  And it’s for NACBA members only.

Log in to the NACBA site and reserve a spot for the webinar on November 14th  before we hit capacity.

Cracking Google

Baffled by the latest Google changes and how they impact your marketing strategy?  Feel that you’ve been nibbled to death by Penguins?  Can’t figure out Google authorship and why  a lawyer should care?

Jay Fleischman will tackle all of those issues in a webinar November 21st.  You’ll learn how to make your practice more visible on line, without spending a dime on consultants.

Sign up and you get access to the webinar recording if you can’t make the live presentation.

That’s Thursday, November 21st.  See the entire agenda and  sign up.

Together these two webinars will give you a real edge on your competition.

Image courtesy of David Davies and Flickr.

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