11/11/11 – The Next Big Thing

If you’re interested in improving your practice and profitability then you’ll likely be interested in this.

Jay Fleischman and I are presenting a live, intensive one-day workshop November 11,2011 in Phoenix. There are only 50 seats in our room and a number are gone already.

Details are here, but the executive summary is that the program will cover getting clients, getting the clients to give you the information you need to do a good job and not bankrupt your practice and using the most cost effective technology. Then we’ll talk about troubleshooting the means test; dealing with community property and divorce issues; and filing fee apps that get you paid from the estate. And there’s time for Jay and I on creating content that captures clients.

The limited class size will allow for questions and discussion and as much actionable information we can pack into 8 hours.

We picked a court holiday so you can leave your practice and a meeting room close to the airport with free transportation hotel to airport.

Check it out here and join us for ideas for a better bankruptcy practice.

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