become bankruptcy lawyer?

Amid the comfortable camaraderie of the Chapter 13 bar's holiday gathering, the trustee and I were struck by the paucity of young, or even youngish, faces in the group. The stout, dedicated lawyers who've toiled in the ND CA bankruptcy courts (rather magnificently, if you ask me) are growing old. And neither the trustee nor I could formulate an honest reason why a capable young lawyer should become a consumer bankruptcy specialist. What bankruptcy practice requires This practice, done well, is tough.  You start with stressed-out people, shamed and frightened.  You have to unravel the strands of their financial lives, then compare the features of that life with the law of the bankruptcy land. You may end up stomping on their financial dreams or fantasies. Communication skills are paramount.  You have to both extract  information and feed it  back to the client colored by  the consequences and options that information allows. New permutations and interactions populate the … [Continue reading...]