Rule 3002.1 And The Tangled Web of HOA Assessments

The Hadfeg decision  was delivered to me in response to a standing search for bankruptcy decisions involving FRBP 3002.1. But multi strands of legal theories run through this one.  The questions, answered and unanswered, are tantalizing. The facts are thus: Prepetition HOA dues scheduled for $5000, while HOA later claimed it was $33,000. No proof […]

Don’t Skimp On Service When Your Client’s House Is On The Line

  Is the Chapter 13 trustee jeopardizing the benefits to my client of Rule 3002.1 by sloppy service? Unwilling to expend more than a single postage stamp to effect notice?  Just going through the motions here? The short answer is: I don’t know yet. But the issue stood out when, for reasons that are yet […]

Direct Mortgage Payments: Inside, Under, Or Outside The Plan

  Are post petition payments on the debtor’s mortgage “under the plan”? Not in the view of  one judge. Direct payments on a a residential mortgage loan are not “payments under the plan” for purpose of Bankruptcy Code § 1328(a), Thus Judge Thomas Perkins struck back at the cases that have used failure to maintain mortgage […]

Battle On When Bank Back Tracks On Home Loan Balance

  It’s war, after all. Remember the office pool I  created following the lender’s statement under FRBP 3002.1 that the loan was fully current? We were betting on how long after the Chapter 13 discharge it would take Wells Fargo would screw up the debtor’s home loan account. Did anyone out there pick less than […]

All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

It’s the pits to be stood up by a Rule. Rule 3002.1 is, in my opinion, the best thing that’s happened in bankruptcy in years.  I’m a goggle-eyed fan. Whether you chalk mortgage servicing problems up to ineptitude or venality, it is indisputable that a mortgage servicer can’t audit a loan file and come up […]

Mortgage Servicing Under the Microscope

The judge looked closely at the creditor’s accounting records and found the usual fright. Having looked, the court held secured creditor  USDA in contempt of the automatic stay and the confirmation order for its loan servicing blunders. Two years after the debtor’s discharge, after an evidentiary hearing, and a written opinion, the debtor still didn’t […]

Chronicles of Bankruptcy Rule 3002.1

A homeowner should emerge from Chapter 13 knowing exactly what she owes on her mortgage;  thus we have FRBP 3002.1 said Judge Hannah Blumenstiel. At the end of my client’s Chapter 13, the lender’s response to the trustee’s notice of final cure payment failed to do that.  The failure to adequately support its contentions in […]