Why The No-Look Fee In Bankruptcy Harms Us All

The no-look fee is no good  in many bankruptcy cases.  It harms debtors, their lawyers, and the system as a whole.  It fails to compensate the lawyer for critical work, causing a disincentive to providing proper representation. We give up a lot when we settle for being paid just the no-look fee. No-look (or presumptive) […]

4 Reasons To Keep Time Records No One Discusses

Mention keeping time records to a bankruptcy lawyer and you’re likely met with expressions of utter revulsion. I swear that all too many assert that the major appeal of being a bankruptcy lawyer is precisely that they don’t have to keep time. Between flat fee deals with clients, and no look fees in Chapter 13, […]

The Chasm Between Judges & Bankruptcy Attorneys Over Fees

Why is there such a gap between consumer attorneys and bankruptcy judges over attorneys fees? It sometimes feels like the bench believes that every dollar a debtor’s lawyer gets is of questionable legitimacy.  Yet the same judges roll their eyes, at least figuratively, at the competence and preparation of those same lawyers. Think there might […]

Who Wants To Get Paid?

Anyone interested in attorneys fees? Are you filing adversaries and motions to collect money from creditors and other miscreants? Then it’s worth looking at two snippets about attorneys fees that have floated across my radar screen. FRCP 54 One of the participants at the Litigating on a Shoe String roundtable at the NACBA convention pointed […]

Why A Successful Fee Application Needs A Story

Newly appointed to the bench, the young judge considering a calendar of fee applications  complained to the assembled lawyers.  “Before I became a judge, you used to tell me the greatest client stories in the hall.  How come those stories are missing from your fee apps?” That wistful question was voiced now well more than […]