Charting The Course of A Case

To obtain good results for a bankruptcy client, sometimes you have to serve up unpleasant news and force the client to swallow that bitter pill. Of course, you can’t really force them to do anything, but you should consider taking on a client who shrugs off your advice. Case in point A new bankruptcy lawyer […]

Bankruptcy as Means to Keep the House

There’s nothing like a foreclosure to get homeowners to see a bankruptcy lawyer. They are often not sure just how bankruptcy will accomplish this, but they are resolute that keeping the house is the centerpiece of their bankruptcy. A capable lawyer can tell the client how that might be done through bankruptcy;  a standout bankruptcy […]

One Trait Makes A Bankruptcy Lawyer Great

One trait makes a bankruptcy lawyers  stand out. Bankruptcy forms promote the view that filing a case is just recording what the debtor owns and owes today.  If all you focus on is the here and now, you can assemble a bankruptcy petition. But if there is one, uniform failing in average bankruptcy lawyers, it’s that they […]

When Chapter 13 Debtors Run Amok

We’ve had a string of them…. [Hint: in a small practice, a “string” means “three. ” ] But three clients in the past month with confirmed Chapter 13 plans have contracted to sell their homes without mentioning it to us, their attorneys. The degree of chaos varied:  inadequate time to get approval of the sale from the […]

Use All Channels to Educate Bankruptcy Debtors

The skill set of a consumer bankruptcy lawyer must include a healthy dose of  the skills of a teacher. The client has to master any number of legal issues and procedures to make informed decisions about the case.  An effective lawyer has a plan for how to convey all those things the debtors need to […]