Bankruptcy as Means to Keep the House

There’s nothing like a foreclosure to get homeowners to see a bankruptcy lawyer. They are often not sure just how bankruptcy will accomplish this, but they are resolute that keeping the house is the centerpiece of their bankruptcy. A capable lawyer can tell the client how that might be done through bankruptcy;  a standout bankruptcy […]

One Trait Makes A Bankruptcy Lawyer Great

One trait makes a bankruptcy lawyers  stand out. Bankruptcy forms promote the view that filing a case is just recording what the debtor owns and owes today.  If all you focus on is the here and now, you can assemble a bankruptcy petition. But if there is one, uniform failing in average bankruptcy lawyers, it’s that they […]

Untangling The Converted Bankruptcy Case

Conversion to Chapter 7 from Chapter 13 usually comes amid some sort of train wreck. The debtor has defaulted on plan payments, decided to surrender the house, or even got a loan modification that allows him to keep the house. Often, there is pressure to convert the case before it is dismissed. In the bustle, […]

When Chapter 13 Debtors Run Amok

We’ve had a string of them…. [Hint: in a small practice, a “string” means “three. ” ] But three clients in the past month with confirmed Chapter 13 plans have contracted to sell their homes without mentioning it to us, their attorneys. The degree of chaos varied:  inadequate time to get approval of the sale from the […]

Use All Channels to Educate Bankruptcy Debtors

The skill set of a consumer bankruptcy lawyer must include a healthy dose of  the skills of a teacher. The client has to master any number of legal issues and procedures to make informed decisions about the case.  An effective lawyer has a plan for how to convey all those things the debtors need to […]