Phantom Creditors In Bankruptcy

Phantom creditors often waft through the lives of debtors.  The client may not see them, but as debtor’s lawyers,we must pull those creditors into the light. Phantom creditors may have no claim against the debtor personally, but nonetheless, need to be scheduled. Liabilities of property In rem is nifty sounding Latin, the original language of  […]

Timing Is Everything In Bankruptcy

All three consultations on Friday featured clients intent on filing bankruptcy IMMEDIATELY. Each of them was  certain that they had no time before some disaster would befall them if they didn’t file bankruptcy.  Yet, as we talked, I concluded the consequences of an immediate filing were worse than the perceived goblins chasing the clients Waiting, […]

What Debts to Include in Bankruptcy

  Bankruptcy lawyers know that all debts need to be scheduled.  Clients think or hope that they get to pick and choose. Every effective bankruptcy lawyer needs a line, a phrase, or a story to squelch the client’s instinct to exclude things from their bankruptcy filing. Often the client’s desire to be less than forthcoming […]

Dig Deep In Your First Meeting With A Prospective Client

The success of a bankruptcy case is frequently determined at the first meeting between client and lawyer. The information that is exchanged and the confidence that is built at that  encounter shapes the client’s expectations, the choice of chapter, the timing of the filing and much more. So I cringe when I hear stories about […]