Tax Changes & Projected Expenses

  At the risk of borrowing trouble, I’m looking ahead to changes to the tax laws that may adversely impact pending Chapter 13 cases. The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ( probably as appropriately named as the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act)  limits the deductibility of state and local taxes, including property taxes.  A […]

Bankruptcy as Means to Keep the House

There’s nothing like a foreclosure to get homeowners to see a bankruptcy lawyer. They are often not sure just how bankruptcy will accomplish this, but they are resolute that keeping the house is the centerpiece of their bankruptcy. A capable lawyer can tell the client how that might be done through bankruptcy;  a standout bankruptcy […]

Don’t Skimp On Service When Your Client’s House Is On The Line

  Is the Chapter 13 trustee jeopardizing the benefits to my client of Rule 3002.1 by sloppy service? Unwilling to expend more than a single postage stamp to effect notice?  Just going through the motions here? The short answer is: I don’t know yet. But the issue stood out when, for reasons that are yet […]

One Trait Makes A Bankruptcy Lawyer Great

One trait makes a bankruptcy lawyers  stand out. Bankruptcy forms promote the view that filing a case is just recording what the debtor owns and owes today.  If all you focus on is the here and now, you can assemble a bankruptcy petition. But if there is one, uniform failing in average bankruptcy lawyers, it’s that they […]

Direct Mortgage Payments: Inside, Under, Or Outside The Plan

  Are post petition payments on the debtor’s mortgage “under the plan”? Not in the view of  one judge. Direct payments on a a residential mortgage loan are not “payments under the plan” for purpose of Bankruptcy Code § 1328(a), Thus Judge Thomas Perkins struck back at the cases that have used failure to maintain mortgage […]

IRS Trick I’d Never Seen Before

The third amended IRS claim in my client’s case added entries for an excise tax for 2015 and 2016. Excise tax?  New one on me where the debtor was a general contractor. I called the IRS agent on the POC for some hints as to what the tax was all about .  I needed to […]

Battle On When Bank Back Tracks On Home Loan Balance

  It’s war, after all. Remember the office pool I  created following the lender’s statement under FRBP 3002.1 that the loan was fully current? We were betting on how long after the Chapter 13 discharge it would take Wells Fargo would screw up the debtor’s home loan account. Did anyone out there pick less than […]