What You Need To Know About Conversion Of Bankruptcy Cases

signpost-thepicturedrome-flickrSometimes, the most challenging questions for a bankruptcy lawyer come up well after  the case is filed.

  • New assets are disclosed
  • Values are greater than expected
  • Income falls
  • Illness intervenes
  • Catastrophic debts arise

For whatever reason, your initial choice of chapter is now problematic.

That’s when you have to understand which way to go, now.  You need to understand conversion.

Webinar on Conversion

Join me online to explore the practical and the procedural issues when you convert a bankruptcy case from one chapter to another.

We’ll look at it from both directions:  7 to 13 and  13 to 7.

We’ll pin down which of the initial deadlines and bar dates are unchanged, and which ones reset.

Then, there’s the issue of what property comes in to the case under the new chapter.

And how do you get paid for representation in the converted case.


The webinar will be live December 4th, at noon Pacific Standard Time.  The presentation will run about an hour and I’ll stay on line to answer questions afterward.

If your calendar doesn’t permit joining us live, the audio recording will be available for download.

California lawyers can get MCLE credit;  practitioners from other states can get the presentation outline for use in getting credit where you practice.

The cost is $77 and you can sign up online.

Join me for a conversation on conversion.

Image courtesy of Flickr and Thepicturedrome.

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