Coronavirus & The Law

covid-19 resourcesIn the face of pandemic and economic stasis,  information is both vital and fleeting.

I’m going to collect here links to sources of information  useful to consumer lawyers as I find them.

As always, check the dates on the linked resources, as I fully expect change, and more change as we work our way through this crisis.

General legal resources

ABA Covid-19 articles and resources- no paywall

National Consumer Law Center  COVID-19 roundup


IRS tax deadlines – Steven Walker, San Jose tax attorney

COVID-19, CARES Act and Tax   Tax Profs at Procedurally Taxing

Student loans

Federal student loans from the feds

Public service loan forgiveness  from


Small business

Assistance aggregated by US Treasury


Credit Reporting

CFPB to Credit Reporting Agencies

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Analysis of 7 year Chapter 13 plans by counsel for Chapter 13 trustee


Mortgage servicing

CFPB quick advice to servicers

CFPB-Federal Reserve  joint statement on servicing morgtages during pandemic