From NACBA Amelia Island

NACBA's Fall Bankruptcy WorkshopGreetings from the NACBA 2012 workshop at Amelia Island.  And it really does look like the picture.

The morning opened with a poll of the 400 attendees of those who’d been affected by the Superstorm;  Probably a quarter of the audience stood as having gotten here despite storm challenges.

Almost an equal number of attendees are attending their first NACBA event.

The program is divided into three tracks:  a Fundamentals Track; Reorganization Track on Individual Chapter 11’s; and a track of Dirty Little Secrets of The Practice.

We’re opening with a plenary session addressing lobbying for consumer issues in Washington and NACBA’s field  effort to reach out to local lawmakers.

Capitol Hill day will be Feb. 26 and 27.

The state chair meeting reviewed NACBA’s recent efforts in the media on student loan debt and on the dangers of debt settlement organizations.  An eye opener was the news that the debt settlement industry is attempting to pass legislation protecting them in scamming our clients.

NACBA has written a resource piece on debt settlement.  It was designed to be shared by members with their clients and on their websites.

More to follow.

Image courtesy of qthrul.

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