Getting The Fundamentals

It’s a romantic notion that we can dive into the deep end of the pool and swim like an Olympian.  The reality, however, is remarkably different.

It’s human nature to believe that we’re uniquely qualified by our law degree to tackle even the most difficult of situations even in the absence of training or experience.

There’s nothing wrong with that in matters such as cooking or building model airplanes; the worst-case scenario is a bent wing or a meal that ends up in the trash.  Those experiments form the basis of knowledge for future endeavors, leaving us wiser and more adept at handling the next challenge involving too much paprika or an over-abundance of modeling glue.

When I was a new lawyer, I had dreams of conquering the field with nothing but my sharp intelligence and a drive to succeed.  Yet even in those simpler times, I realized that I was playing not only with my professional future but also the lives of my clients.

Given the fact that a client’s ability to obtain relief from their debt burden had greater consequences than over-seasoning a stew, I knew early on that “winging it” just wasn’t good enough.  These are lives, after all.

Luckily, I had the benefit of an outstanding mentor.  He would patiently ask me for the facts of the case and help me puzzle out the answers.   I’m thankful to have had a mentor with years of experience who was willing and able to answer my endless questions.

It seems to me that so many of the newer practitioners of consumer bankruptcy law don’t have the same benefit.  Perhaps it’s because the field is so much more complex than it was in years gone by, or maybe it’s the inevitable result of greater competition  for the  pool of clients that keeps the  established practitioners from taking up the reins as mentors.

Either way, the result is an upcoming generation of consumer bankruptcy lawyers who are increasingly left on their own, sink or swim.

If you’ve been practicing bankruptcy law for only a short time then it’s likely you’ve been operating without a net.  You can read the Code, pore over books, and spend countless hours on a listserv in an attempt to get your questions answered.

But the real problem is that you just don’t know what you don’t know.  If you haven’t identified the pitfalls, how can you possibly know enough to ask the questions that will lead to the solutions?

Those pitfalls form the foundation of your career as a bankruptcy lawyer.  Finding the landmine is the first step in avoiding it, it is not?

The forms don’t tell the whole story.  They tell you to fill in the information, but not the consequences of each response.

Temporary Price Reduction On My Two Most Popular Training Programs

Fundamentals of Bankruptcy is a 16-part web-based training program that takes you from intake through filing, with particular emphasis on the finer points that you need to know in order to represent a consumer effectively.   Up to now, it’s been priced at $497.

Fundamentals of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a 3-hour video session that covers just about everything you need to know about when it comes to Chapter 13, from selection of a reorganization chapter through confirmation.  Up to now, it’s been priced at $397.

From now until Monday, May 9, 2011 at 5:00pm Pacific Time I’ve reduced the price of both of these program to $297 each.  Choose either one and the price is $297.

All you need to do is pick one and get immediate access.

Knowledge You Can Put Into Practice Immediately

I practice in the field each day, and what I teach is distilled from that real world experience.  I put an enormous emphasis on educating you about the law and the stressed out people who are your clients in a way that allows you to  make what you know about the law work for your clients.

Both programs come with forms, samples and information that I use in my own office.  These programs come with the benefit of current experience, not just a regurgitation of the law.

Learn more about Fundamentals of Bankruptcy here.

Learn more about Fundamentals of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy here.