Hold Your Questions (Til Friday)

Catch your bankruptcy questionsI’m packing up for NACBA’s Fall Workshop in Amelia Island, starting with the Thursday night beach party.

Assuming Hurricane Sandy doesn’t have me sleeping on the floor in an airport between Northern California and Jacksonville, I hope to see lots of readers there.

I’m carrying my deck of blank index cards to capture your suggestions about things you’d like to see discussed here at Bankruptcy Mastery.

Word Press thinks I’ve written almost 350 posts since Mastery debuted in November 2009.  I never know whether I’m hitting things that are useful unless readers comment.

And you can’t comment if I haven’t written on it.

So catch me in the hallways or on the beach and say hello.  Let me know what you’re finding most challenging about practicing bankruptcy law.  What would  be helpful to see here?

Drop in on my presentations:  Susanne Robicsek and I have two presentations on the means test.

One’s an overview on the Fundamentals track.  The second is an extended look at the elements of the means test that have the most potential for getting your client below the presumption.

Jill Michaux and I have a gig on the Fundamentals track on how to craft a Chapter 13 plan.  What does it have to include?  What might you want it to do?

See you in Amelia Island.

Image courtesy of business-supply.com.

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