Mastery Favorites From 2012

Less than a week to go in 2012.  Rather than float a new idea, I looked back at Bankruptcy Mastery for the past year for my favorite posts.

I’m finding it’s like asking a mother which of her kids is her favorite.

It’s a fundamentally unfair question.

Some posts I like because they went together well, technically.

Others I like because I’m passionate about the subject matter.

And still others I like because the subject matter is important, if dull.

Before this post, there were 100 Mastery posts in 2012.  Lots to choose from.  (Some really rotten headlines, too.  Make a resolution:  write better headlines.)

Worth re reading

Here are my nominations for favorite posts in no particular order:

There were other notable events.  Jay and I tried live blogging from the NACBA convention in San Antonio, crashed our server, and got the site banned for hours by Hostgator for being  too popular.

When we were restored to the internet, I wrote about the top ten takeaways for me at the convention.

But the most fun all year was presenting Jay for swearing in to the California bar.

Your turn

Do you have a favorite post that changed the way you practice or the way you see bankruptcy law?

Is there something you want to see discussed here?  a client management issue?  a planning issue?  how to expand your bankruptcy skill set?

I write here to fill what I  saw as a need to bridge the gap between the law as found in the books and the world of bankruptcy law as we live it.  Let me know what challenges you as we tackle 2013.

Image courtesy of Shandi-lee.

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