How To Wield Influence And Change The Rules Of The Game


Change is coming to the rules of bankruptcy that drive what we do and the forms we must use to do it.

We can try to shape the change or just react against it.

Or as the traditional wedding service exhorts: speak now or forever hold your peace.

Public comment closing Feb. 15

The Rules Committee has posted their recommended changes to these bankruptcy rules and to some official forms.

Bankruptcy Rules 2002, 3002, 3007, 3012, 3015, 4003, 5005, 5009, 7001, 9006, and 9009, and Official Forms 17A, 17B, 17C, 22A-1, 22A-1Supp, 22A-2, 22B, 22C-1, 22C-2, 101, 101A, 101B, 104, 105, 106Sum, 106A/B, 106C, 106D, 106E/F, 106G, 106H, 106Dec, 107, 112, 113, 119, 121, 318, 423, and 427;

The door for public comment on the proposed new bankruptcy rules and forms closes February 15.  Here’s the link to the comment site.

Can you see a national plan

The Rules Committee proposes a national form Chapter 13 plan.

Take a look and see what you think.  Proposed Chapter 13 plan.

I’ve extracted from the bigger document the official comments  on the proposed plan.

Then, I extracted from NACBA’s submission on the changes  just those comments that deal with the plan.

The plan is just the biggest change I see.  There are others afoot.

Speak up while it makes a difference

The period for public comment closes in a matter of days.  We who toil in the trenches have a chance to be heard on these things before they are set in cement.

I’ve heard repeatedly from individuals on the Rules Committee that each comment is read, passed around and considered.

So, before we end up wed to these new forms and rules, speak up.

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