Rich Personal Finance Resource For Clients

Introduce your clients to Money Health Central, a sound source of ideas and tools for those struggling with debt or looking to reorient their financial lives after bankruptcy.

I know it’s good stuff because I write it with 5 good friends who are also bankruptcy lawyers.  This isn’t a site about how bankruptcy works, but rather about how personal finance works.  Recent posts that might be useful to your clients include

And that’s just the stuff related to the issues of the people who come in our doors.  I’ve got pieces on saving money in the kitchen, giving, and effecting change.

A young bankruptcy lawyer in my neck of the woods reported that he was able to use material on Money Health Central to reinforce advice he gave the prospective client:  he pointed the client to a salient post which gave added authority to his input.

So, take a look around and see if this is information your clients can use.

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