Bankruptcy Checklist: Social Security Numbers

Do you check the client’s  proffered   Social Security number against the number on their tax return?  I’d never thought to do so til my partner returned from a 341 meeting with this story.  She was sitting waiting for our client’s turn at a first meeting of creditors  when the trustee asked a debtor about […]

Bankruptcy Procedure Question? Ask a Clerk

The  bankruptcy judge ordered me to get the signature of an absent party on the written version of the order just made from the bench. So, what to do when that party was unwilling to sign? When the judge signed the order anyway, opposing counsel complemented me on knowing how to deal with the problem. […]

Track Down All The Client’s Creditors

While a new client may seek out a bankruptcy lawyer when they are served with a lawsuit, they may overlook the plaintiff in that very  suit when listing their creditors. Pretty amazing, but if you rely on the client to identify their creditors, their list will often omit creditors who didn’t send them a bill […]