The Many Hats of a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Skill set of bankruptcy lawyers


Lee Rosen, a well known family lawyer, described the demands of his practice thus:

Family law attorneys live in an information deprivation zone. They need to know more than they can possibly remember. They’ve got to master the fundamentals of family law. On top of that, they must have a working knowledge of property law, tax law, estate planning, juvenile law, criminal law, and half a dozen other practice areas. They’ve also got to be moderately proficient at psychology, child rearing, and accounting.

Substitute “bankruptcy lawyer” for “family lawyer” and tweak the list of necessary fields of law to master to include business, formation and operation;  retirement planning;  household budgeting, etc. and you get an overview of what an accomplished bankruptcy lawyer needs to know.

That’s why this area of law is complex and challenging.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

[This snippet was lifted from Lee’s post on Legal Practice Pro on how to get bankruptcy referrals from family lawyers.  You may find that broader discussion useful, too.]

Image courtesy of runran.