NACBA Live Blog: Caselaw Update

Welcome to the 20th annual NACBA convention, here in San Antonio, TX.  We’ll be live blogging much of the convention over the next few days, so stay on this site for all the updates.


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  • Gary Armstrong

    Love this, Jay and Cathy.

    • Kris Krol

      I missed my flight, so looking forward to your updates.

  • Scott

    Missed the conference this year…….glad to have the live input, thanks you two.

  • Daniela Romero

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.  I appreciate it.

  • Andrew Grossman

    Wonderful, concise updates, thank you: I also missed the conference this year, and your efforts are greatly appreciated!

    • CathyMoran

      Live blogging of the conference managed to crash our server. We’re working on getting enough actual bandwidth to continue.

  • John Rogers

    What happened ?   Are you still live blogging ? Don’t see anything past 10:58 am ?