How To Avoid Being Thrown Under The Bankruptcy Bus

Bankruptcy lawyers find themselves thrown under the proverbial bus time and again. Clients contradict themselves, trustees speak poorly of us during hearings, and even judges from time to time have been known to call us on the carpet for perceived shortcomings. Sometimes we’re caught in a position due to an unforeseen turn of events. Other […]

NACBA San Antonio: Marketing A Bankruptcy Practice

Our presenter was Larry DePalma, an affable guy who identified himself as  a marketing expert. He mentioned a number of times that he works with a bankruptcy lawyer in Tennessee.  [I checked his  LinkedIn profile  which claims that he is a “Treasury management and payments industry professional with extensive experience in product and marketing management.” […]

Remember the Big Stuff: Protecting Retirement and Business Assets

Hon. Susan Kelley, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Milwaukee, WI) Behrooz Vida, Esq. (Bedford, TX) Retirements asset issue. ERISA qualified plans excluded from bankruptcy estate. Nobody knew what was ERISA-qualified and not. IRAs may not have been qualified under Patterson but SUpreme Court came along and said debtor’s own IRA is unquestionably exempt. Trustees have argued that […]

Whoa! Watch Out For Preferences

Elaine Dowling, Esq. (Oklahoma, OK) Hon. Margaret Mahoney, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Mobile, AL) For the record, this was my favorite of the Friday sessions. What is a transfer?  Very broad. Insolvency is based on the time of the transfer, not based on hindsight.  What the parties knew at the time of the transfer.  Strict balance […]

NACBA Live Blog: Caselaw Update

Welcome to the 20th annual NACBA convention, here in San Antonio, TX.  We’ll be live blogging much of the convention over the next few days, so stay on this site for all the updates.

Bankruptcy Mastery Will Provide Live Coverage Of NACBA San Antonio Convention

I hate taking notes during conventions.  I know I should, but I don’t do it – ever.  As a consequence, I forget a good chunk of what I’ve learned. I also get that some people won’t be in San Antonio for the NACBA convention April 27 – 29.  So I’ve prevailed on Cathy for the […]