Five Shortcuts To The Latest In Bankruptcy

Someone asked me the other day how I keep up on cases.

I bit my tongue, since my usual sense about advance sheets and the like is that I’m horribly behind.  (I’m so behind I’m talking about “advance sheets”, cases printed on paper!).

Reading my email seems to consume a disproportionate portion of the day.  What advice could I possibly have about being current?

OK.  If you need an answer, it’s obviously that I read.

It’s not always the cases themselves, but what other lawyers have written about them.  Yeah, I’m getting my stuff second hand.  Such is life, at least mine.

Try this list:

  • National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center,  NACBA’s offspring.  Tara Twomey and her cohorts find the stuff that’s most important to us as bankruptcy lawyers.
  •  I think it a real shame that most of this highly useful content, including the stuff I write for them, is behind a pay wall.
  • BankruptcyLawNetwork  My buds at BLN have a toe in lots of different courts, so important stuff bubbles to the surface here.
  • 9th Circuit BAP opinions   Insert your own BAP or Circuit Court
  • ABI’s monthly publication  It’s frustratingly skewed to Chapter 11, but there are consumer nuggets nonetheless.  It also is a membership benefit, so there’s money involved.

I have a Lexis Nexis alert set up to point me to new means test cases, since that’s a subject I write and speak about frequently.

Beyond that, my knowledge is random.

I’m headed back to preparing for my gig next weekend with Jay Fleischman on marketing and managing a bankruptcy practice.  I may be scarce here for the next week.

Image courtesy of Horia Varlan.

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  1. As always “Sage” — sage advice.  Not to worry.  Frankly, I’m so glad you’ll be unavailable for a week so I can catch up on Bankruptcy Law Network!  Okay, I’ll check out the other blogs because you suggested it.  I’m so prejudiced to you and Jay.  What do you want me to say.  Okay, I’ll read Los Angles, Certified Bankruptcy Specialist Leon Bayer’s blogs without reservation.  I come to a screeching halt at BLN.  Don’t forget to Tweet during your breaks at the Workshop.

  2. You missed a really great resource… Robin Miller’s Consumer Bankruptcy Abstracts & Research. In addition, she maintains a subscribers’ site, and I receive regular updates regarding noteable cases, etc. between issues of the Abstracts. Robin also provides case compilations by topic, something I find very useful when doing research. I will also confess that I called her directly when I was finding it difficult to find cases relating to a particular issue, and she was very helpful! The website is, for anyone interested in checking it out.

    • CathyMoran says:

      Good call. I’ve followed Robin’s contributions to the NACBA list serve, which are always helpful.