Bankruptcy Mastery Will Provide Live Coverage Of NACBA San Antonio Convention

I hate taking notes during conventions.  I know I should, but I don’t do it – ever.  As a consequence, I forget a good chunk of what I’ve learned.

I also get that some people won’t be in San Antonio for the NACBA convention April 27 – 29.  So I’ve prevailed on Cathy for the two of us to undertake the first liveblogging of a NACBA convention.

What is liveblogging?  It’s live coverage of the event, done as a single post which is continuously updated with timestamped micro-updates which are placed above previous micro-updates. We’ll have a single post for each session in which either Cathy or I are in attendance, and we’ll both be updating this site in real-time. No guarantee of which ones we’ll be covering, but the goal is to try to get as much content out there for you as possible.

Neither Cathy nor I have done this before, but it’s exciting and should be fun. So remember to stick around and watch the site, whether you’re live at the event or watching from your office.

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