Getting Started In Bankruptcy Law

Summary of Bankruptcy Law

Everyone new to bankruptcy needs a guide to this specialized legal realm.

Just as you can’t tell the players without a scorecard, it’s hard to make heads or tails of bankruptcy law when it’s new to you.

Jon Hayes has what you need to tell priorities from the absolute priority rule.  Exemptions from exclusions. Denial of discharge from non dischargeability.

His book is A Summary of Bankruptcy Law, available from Amazon.

It’s written, in non-technical language, for law students and lawyers new to bankruptcy, but it points you to statutes and cases that expand on each point.

Jon’s my colleague on the California Bankruptcy Law Advisory Commission, where he chairs the group shepherding California bankruptcy specialists.  He both practices law and teaches law, a dynamite combination.

You couldn’t do better than A Summary of Bankruptcy Law,  by M. Jonathan Hayes.


  1. johnrogersattorney says

    Might be good reading for some of us old “warhorses” as well ! ; )