But She’s Not a Creditor!

An unliquidated tort cause of action is just as much a “claim” for bankruptcy purposes as a credit card bill. Not all creditors send monthly bills  I reminded  my rookie lawyer friend. My friend’s fact pattern was a bit more complex than the unresolved auto accident:  an exspouse was complaining that a title company mix-up […]

Newbie Summer Reading: Johnson v. Home State Bank

After  a Chapter 7 discharge, is there anything left of a mortgage to reorganize in Chapter 13? That’s the question that the Supreme Court resolved in Johnson v. Home State Bank, the next on our summer reading list for new bankruptcy lawyers.  Believe it or not, it was 12 years after adoption of the 1978 […]

Taxes Owed from Day One

April 15th is so ingrained in our thinking as Tax Day that it’s easy to forget that the tax for the previous year is owed on the first day of the next tax year.  Payment isn’t due til April 15th, but the obligation exists before the return and payment are due. Why is this important […]