Ask “Why Me?” When It’s Chapter 11

Young bankruptcy attorney was approached to file a Chapter 11 for an LLC developing a condo complex, with a foreclosure sale looming.  Should they take the case, she asked me. For all the reasons I’ve written before, I thought no, not this case, not now.   After we discussed the difficulties of a single asset case […]

Clients to avoid: those with bankruptcy-adverse spouses

Do you scope out the world view of  your prospect’s non filing spouse? I didn’t and I’m sorry.  The client was full of guilt about the financial situation and kept insisting at our first meeting that “no one should be hurt but him” as a result of the financial predicament leading to bankruptcy.  That situation […]

Bankruptcy Cases Not Predictably Simple

I’ve been aghast at the willingness of lawyers brand new to bankruptcy practice to take on cases and issues far beyond their current competence.  I’ve tried to gently counsel that  both self preservation and the client’s best interest require the inexperienced to pass on cases beyond their present skill set. I realized just how glib  […]