Two Free Treasures For Bankruptcy Lawyers

Howdy, nice of you to drop in. 

Now, I’ve got two reasons for you to skedaddle out of here.

Bankruptcy Rule Changes

New bankruptcy rules took effect December 1.  If you can’t recite them in your sleep, the National Consumer Law Center has generously made their otherwise subscription only newsletter available for free.  Click on to download.

NCLC’s John Rao (he’s the same guy as NACBA’s John Rao) was involved in the drafting of the rules on proofs of claims and mortgage cures in Chapter 13.  I see John’s fine hand and lucid prose evident in the newsletter. It will be as painless as possible.

We have some new levers here, folks, on mortgage lenders.  Read the rules, then use them.

Downloadable Code & Rules

The bankruptcy code and the bankruptcy rules of procedure can be downloaded for free in Kindle and e-pub formats thanks to Professor Bob Lawless of Credit Slips.  Prof. Lawless in turn offers thanks for the support he got for this project to University of Illinois College of Law Dean Bruce Smith.

Can anyone suggest other resources that a bankruptcy lawyer needs on their phone or tablet?

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  1. David Gibbs says

    Thank you for posting, however, the link to the new rules returns a 404 error on your server. Big fan of your blog!

  2. Gremlins!  Think I have it fixed.  Thanks for the heads up.

  3. gbnoteversions says

    That is a great help to allow the code and rules to be downloaded on a kindle.  Thank you for spreading the news.

  4. Great post it is very help full to all the people.
    good tips! I have been browsing for some thing like that for a while now.