Welcome New Year

It’s 6:30 am and I’m anxious to get to my office to implement the improvements in my practice that I’ve been considering as we approach January, 2011. Isn’t one of Poor Richard’s aphorisms, “well begun is half done”?

Don’t miss my friend Wendell Sherk’s  piece, A Christmas Cheer for Consumer Lawyers. He captures the trials and the triumphs of this practice as well as anything I’ve read.

Let me know what issues you are confronting in your new bankruptcy practices.  Are your biggest challenges the law, the client, the trustees or the bench?  Or is it running an office and finding clients?

My head is full of Chapter 13 as I’m pulling together a course on the basics of Chapter 13 practice.  Come back here and you’ll doubtless get Chapter 13 musings unless you tickle me to think about something else.

Image courtesy of lisibo.

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