Objection: Hearsay

There you are, client on the witness stand, jury in the box, story being told on direct exactly the way you prepared her, things going just swimmingly. And then opposing counsel stands and utters those two lovely words…”Objection, hearsay.”  Huh? That’s ridiculous, you confidently think to yourself, just as you hear the trial judge say, […]

Start with problem, not procedure

The new bankruptcy lawyer sent me an email. What do I file when there’s an objection to my client’s amended Chapter 13 plan:  notice a hearing? file a demurer? In her case, the form of the “objection” suggested the opposing counsel was as new to bankruptcy as the debtor’s lawyer. My advice? First:  figure out […]

One Trait Makes A Bankruptcy Lawyer Great

One trait makes a bankruptcy lawyers  stand out. Bankruptcy forms promote the view that filing a case is just recording what the debtor owns and owes today.  If all you focus on is the here and now, you can assemble a bankruptcy petition. But if there is one, uniform failing in average bankruptcy lawyers, it’s that they […]