BankruptcyMastery Chosen One of Best Blogs of 2013

2013VOTETHISBLAWGBankruptcy Mastery was selected one of the 100 top Blawgs of 2013 by the American Bar Association!

I’m blown away.

Mastery serves such a distinct segment of the law world that I never expected that anyone beyond bankruptcy lawyers, and new bankruptcy lawyers at that, would notice.

But someone did notice (thank you whoever nominated this site).

Now, the ABA has opened voting for the top blog within 13 different segments.  Mastery is in the Niche category, along with several blogs in the ABA’s blog Hall of Fame.

My goal is at least not to finish last in my group<g>.

Please vote

I would very much appreciate your vote.  Register here, take a look at the marvelous blogs nominated, and vote your conscience <G>.

Then line up friends, family, and sycophants.  Solicit their votes!

Read a few of the other top blogs.  There are some workhorses here.

Come back here later in the week, when I’ve stopped grinning about this honor and am back to thinking about how we can be better bankruptcy lawyers.

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  1. johnrogersattorney says:

    Just voted ! I was unaware bankruptcy practice was a “niche” area of law ! LOL !! Great job, Cathy … I am sharing this post to encourage others to vote for your blog !

  2. Just voted also 🙂 Congratulations to Cathy!