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On the off chance you want to read  something other than this blog <g>, may I point you to the ABA’s list of candidates for best legal blogs. If I had a 36 hour day, I’d be reading an number of these.

My favorite bankruptcy blog, of course, is Credit Slips, the work of a group of law professors which originally included Elizabeth Warren.  I wouldn’t mind if you perused Bankruptcy Law Network, where I write with my 23 closest friends (no, really), or Bankruptcy in Brief, an extensive site I wrote on the basics of bankruptcy law.  I climb on my Soapbox there occasionally, too.

My friend Jay Fleischman produces not only Legal Practice Pro, but also the Inspired Solo, on  law office productivity.  Time is well spent there.

Then we hope you’ll point your clients to our personal finance site, Money Health Central, for perspective on family finances, debt, and living well.

Happy reading.  Got favorite blogs you can add to this list?

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  1. My favorite blog (aside from yours, of course) is

    “Because paying taxes is painful… but reading about them shouldn’t be.”