Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

ideas bubble

I find I’m back at the Bankruptcy Mastery keyboard.

Several years ago I thought I had said all there was to say here to new bankruptcy lawyers.

But stuff just keeps bubbling to the forefront and my fingers itch.

It seems there’s more to say, perhaps not exclusively to newbies, but to the broader community of consumer bankruptcy lawyers.

What’s up in bankruptcy

The law is changing.  Certainly the atmosphere in bankruptcy is changing.  And we look at record low new filings and wonder if there’s a living to be made here.

One thing I know about bankruptcy practice:  it’s cyclical.  I’ve been here for almost four decades, and  seen booms and busts.

We can be certain there will be another economic downturn.  We can’t be certain that bankruptcy will be the remedy of choice, but it’s hard to imagine it won’t.

And the capable and experienced bankruptcy lawyers will have all the work they can manage.

For certain, consumer champions are needed, today. The regulations that are currently under attack are often the regulations that help level the playing field for consumers.

We will need to be nimble, imaginative and relentless if our clients are not to be ground to dust by creditors, collectors, and their cohorts.

How about a little bit of heroic Tennyson:

Stormed at with shot and shell,

Boldly they rode and well,

Into the jaws of Death,

Into the mouth of hell…..


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  1. David Baker says


  2. Realtors are another area where the people who make money during booms are known to have gotten started during busts so they were in a position to take advantage of it. If a business opportunity is golden it’s frequently too late.