Changes to Bankruptcy Rules

Bankruptcy Rules to changeJohn Rao reported on rule changes that will become effective December 1.  

There are only three changes, including a change to the time for filing motions for summary judgment and one providing a requirement that debt buyers provide a summary of very specific information on the provenance of a purchased claim.

Effort to redesign bankruptcy forms

Planned to coordinate the new forms with the next generation of ECF program.  The CM ECF effort has fallen behind the folks revising the forms.  It isn’t likely they will roll out together as was expected.

Revised forms will take the explanation portion out of the official forms and put it in a separate booklet.

Question: will a more self explanatory form set encourage pro pers and petition preparers?  John Rao says the booklet will have strong and repeated warnings about dangers of doing it yourself.  He thinks the warnings in the official forms may provide protection for debtor’s counsel from the client complaint that “you didn’t tell me”.

John encouraged the audience to comment on rule changes.  The committee reads all the comments he reported.  You can get to the comments page at and proceed to the rules page.

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