Eyes and Ears In The Courtroom

His matter had been called and disposed of earlier in the Chapter 13 calendar.  Yet the young lawyer continued to sit in the courtroom, listening, watching and making notes.

Finally I leaned over and asked if he had another matter on the calendar.  No, he replied, I’m just taking it all in.

That attitude, coupled with common sense and energy, will make him a sterling bankruptcy lawyer, very soon.

I suggested to a forum participant that they go sit through a relief from stay calendar before their first appearance on that calendar.  The response suggested the newbie had never been on a field trip before, never scouted the next sports opponent, or conducted  a dress rehearsal.

Go watch the judge in action.  What are their predilections, their assumptions, and their preferences?  What makes a strong performance in their courtroom?

My friend was not only watching the judge and the other lawyers, but noting cases the judge cited and issues that he had not yet handled.

There is a time for living vicariously.

Image license:  Creative Commons, courtesy of Klearchos Kapoutsis