Unfinished Business Of Learning The Law


Every legal seminar needs an extra day, in solitude, to internalize what you’ve “learned”.

At the NACBA Fall Workshops last weekend,  Jay repeated the old saw that a workshop is worthwhile if you bring home one good idea.

He told our group in the Business of Bankruptcy Law tract that we aimed  to provide more than one good idea.

But the gems that you can tick off  easily are generally the quick, dirty, stand alone stuff.

The really game changing learning takes more than the passing exposure at a presentation to become part of your legal repertoire.

If you, too, are just back from two long days trying to absorb new law and new tricks, develop a routine to get more from your investment.

  1. Copy the electronic materials to your computer hard drive.   Store the outlines where you can search them electronically.  I find that if I can’t retrieve it quickly,  I might as well not have it.
  2. List  the big ideas that you want to incorporate in your practice.  While it’s fresh, sketch out what you saw that you want conquer.  This will be your guide to where you dig deeper into the materials.
  3. Carve out time soon to work the new law into your day to day.  If justice delayed is justice denied, I’d say the same thing about learning.  Time to review the materials and the forms provided is essential if you expect to come away with a wider skill set.

If you are a member of NACBA, you can order the audio recordings of the workshop and the written materials.  If you aren’t a member of NACBA, why not?

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  1. Pattylaw50 says:

    Thank you for the idea to delay discharge.  I used it.  I have an interesting situation regarding a trust and a very ill debtor.