Fifty Shades of Summer at Mastery

Summertime.….another Gershwin song.

Maybe the living is easy, and maybe not.  Bankruptcy is a challenging way to make a living.

Two summers ago, when this publication and lots of bankruptcy lawyers were new, we proposed a summer reading list of Supreme Court cases that you should know by name and holding.

The focus was on, not the recent stuff, which presumably you’re reading as they come out, but the older cases that shape the practice.

Let’s recap:

Have you read them?  And how about the current best sellers:  Espinosa, Lanning, Ransom, Schwab?

Last summer

Last summer, we moved from an independent study mode with a reading list to a 10 week series we called Lunch and Learn.…an exploration of the issues and skills needed after you’ve filed the case.

We took a hour each on defending stay relief; stripping mortgage liens;  business issues in bankruptcy; and tax questions that come up in bankruptcy, etc.

Those presentations are available if you missed them the first time round.

This summer

I’ve been so busy this year that the best summer entertainment I devised for Mastery was the pick a practice theme song.  I did a live presentation in the Bay Area on community property that I hope to get edited and available on line.

I’m neck deep in updating the Complete Guide To Means Testing, with Doug Jacobs, for my presentations at Amelia Island, and, of course, Jay and I are working on a knock out weekend workshop  in Chicago in October (details soon) on marketing, technology and profitability .

This is Nice Work If You Can Get It.

Image courtesy of Stefano Mazzocchi.