Name Your Tune

The Lord High Executioner

OK, it’s summer.  Our minds wander.

We wish we were at the beach.

So, fritter away some more time.

How about picking out your firm’s theme song?

If My Practice Had a Theme Song

Clients, inattentive and ungrateful, have plagued my practice lately.

Purely for internal consumption, our staff theme song would be the Gilbert and Sullivan treasure “I’ve Got A Little List“.

For public consumption, it might be “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”

Pick a song and tell us why that describes you or your practice

Image courtesy of Dave Smith.

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  1. Fun topic!  I’ll go with “Into the Black” by Chromatics (originally done by Neil Young).  Really nothing to do with the content of the song, but whenever I hear this song, the line “..into the black…” reminds me of where my clients are trying to get.  

  2. http://Cathy says

    I think the music in my waiting room is going to be “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

    Anyone else with clients like that?