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10 Essential Skills You filed the case.  If you’re asking, ” Now, what do I do?“,  join me for a lunch and learn series this summer.  We’ll  pack your tool kit with  ten essential skills a newish bankruptcy practitioner needs to have to survive clients, creditors and judges.  All before Labor Day.

The sessions are going to be presented by webinar, each Tuesday at 1 pm PDT starting June 28th.  They’ll be recorded and available electronically if you’re actually working on Tuesdays<g>.

My cut on the 10 essential skills for basic bankruptcy practice includes:

  1. Defending motions for relief from stay
  2. How to strip a lien
  3. Analyzing tax issues in bankruptcy
  4. Getting hardship discharges in Chapter 13
  5. Objecting to claims
  6. How bankruptcy impacts a debtor’s business
  7. Avoiding liens impairing exemptions
  8. Avoiding automatic dismissals
  9. Reaffirmations – what to look out for, what to avoid, and how to handle them properly
  10. Dealing with stay and discharge violations

Each session will run an hour, more or less.  There will be an opportunity for questions and forms and materials as appropriate.

Save $200 if you sign up by Friday, June 17th.  There’s CA CLE available.

The details and a link to sign up is available here:

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