Got These Dates?



The Chapter13 trustees ‘ Academy is sponsoring a free Means Test webinar Friday, April 19, 2:00 Eastern/1:00 Central.

(Somehow they forgot to hold the hands of those of us in the Pacific time zone.  My sources say that would be 11 am. PDT.)

Projected Disposable Income (a/k/a Expected Unrecognizable Outcome):  United States Bankruptcy Judge Fredrick E. Clement and Chapter 13 Trustee John P. Gustafson will answer your questions and discuss the most recent decisions regarding the all-important means test.
The price is right and the topic is essential.  My only thought is notice that the speakers are either judges or trustees, and ingest with a grain of salt.

See you in San Diego?

A week from tomorrow the NACBA convention kicks off in San Diego.  There is still time to register.

There is simply no better or more efficient way to polish existing skills and expand your skill set than the NACBA convention.  I haven’t missed one in over a decade.

Hope to see you there.

Image courtesy of jackaranga and Wikimedia.


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  1. Malcolm Ruthven says:

    >notice that the speakers are either judges or trustees, and ingest with a grain of salt<

    Since those judges and trustees (and their peers) are the ones who will be objecting to and ruling on the Means Tests we file, why take their advice with a grain of salt?

  2. If you assume trustees and judges are always right, then etch their input in stone. But I often see these things differently than trustees and differently from Judge Clement, with whom I’ve spoken on this issue.