How Can I Help?

After I unloaded on the incompetence I saw in the courtroom last week, it’s only fair to ask:  what are you struggling with?  Is there something I can do to help?

I’m here to share what I know, with an emphasis on fitting together the pieces of what you can learn from books or traditional CLE courses into a scheme for actual practice of bankruptcy law.

I raise the issues I either see around me being mangled or the odd issues that come up in my practice.  Not at all systematic.  It’s a shot in the dark about what would help new practitioners.

So, I ask, what’s baffling you?  Where do you see the holes in your skill set?  What would you like to see here?

What are your ambitions for your practice?  For taking the next step forward?

Image courtesy of jmgardner.


  1. I think you are so awesome.  I am reading everything you write.  Thanks so much.