Filing Bankruptcy Petitions: Playing Connect the Dots

I almost took the client at her word and filed schedules that told half the story. Well, maybe it was 3/4 of the story, but the client who, to my consternation, seemed to enjoy nit picking the draft schedules, told me about the cabin on the lake that they rent out, but omitted the rental […]

The Real Truth About Bankruptcy Lawyers & Clients

We live in two different worlds, the client and the bankruptcy attorney. (care to hum along?) “Creditors”,  for debtors, means those folks who send a monthly bill, and  who call if you are late. “Creditors”, for bankruptcy lawyers, means everyone who has a claim of any kind against the client. In his Fundamentals of Bankruptcy […]

Writer’s Block And The Bankruptcy Schedules

Comes the plaintive call on the phone:  how do I list this? Faced with a blank schedule  and a house, located in another state,  titled to an estranged  non filing spouse, in which the debtor may have a claim under the marital property laws of California, the rookie bankruptcy lawyer froze. I’m flattered to be […]

New Bankruptcy Lawyers Targeted by Trustee

Chapter 7 trustees plan to sue debtor’s lawyers for undisclosed assets, I was told yesterday.  In the course of discussing the flood of rookie bankruptcy lawyers into local court rooms, this veteran trustee’s counsel was licking his chops  at the opportunity to make creditors whole at the expense of the debtor’s attorney. The stories of […]