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Mastery top 10-invertedLast time, I listed my 10 favorite Bankruptcy Mastery posts from 2013.

Just for fun, I went back and looked at the 2013 traffic numbers for the top 10  Mastery posts, by readership.

The two lists do not share a single post!

What you read and hopefully found useful was an entirely different set of posts from my list.

Now, the traffic numbers take in all posts since Mastery started in 2008.  But none of my 2013 favorites were on the top ten pages for visits in 2013.

Oldies but goodies

Here are the 10 most trafficked stories on Mastery during 2013.  I threw out the “front page” since its content was the latest post at the time of the visit and I threw out the 10th page, which was the “about me” page.

From bottom up, your favorite posts this year:

10.   The Worm In Debt Forgiveness Offer – beware the tax on the forgiven mortgage

9.     Ten Ways To Deal With Excess Cash-  exemptions and how to maximize what your client keeps

8.     Sleepless in Sacramento–  of lien stripping, service of motions, and other terrorizing topics

7.     The Reopened Case  just when does a case have to be reopened to get relief

6.      The Mystery of Adequate Protection –  what is it, who gets it, and what difference does it make?

5.     Four Ways Around the Debt Limits–  strategies when the number add up too well

4.     Lien Strip Cases Are Time Bombs –  Wall Street poised to profit on our mistakes

3.     How Stripping Differs From Avoiding  – mortgage liens vs judgment liens

2.     Surrendering Property in Bankruptcy  – what’s the effect of the statement of intentions

1.     Bankruptcy Abuse and Schedule J   Setting debtor up for a 707(b)(3) challenge

Rather than a chorus of Auld Lang Syne, we could key up a round of “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off”.

But rather, get what you need from Mastery.  I’ll keep writing and you keep reading in 2014.

Happy New Year.

p.s.  I’m still open to suggestions for topics or themes for the next year.  Leave me a comment.

Hat tip to Jay Fleischman for the comment about analytics that got me started here.

Image courtesy of Flickr and Sam Churchill.

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    Readers Vote With Their Mouse