The Best of Bankruptcy Mastery in 2013

Top 10 bankruptcy postsLet’s have some retrospective before we look forward to bankruptcy lawyering in 2014.

Here are my picks for my 10 favorite Mastery posts for 2013:

Did I miss a post that was your favorite, or particularly helpful?

The year in blog posts

I lead off  this  January with a long string of posts on business issues in bankruptcy, whether the client is the business or the business owner.  It’s a subject near and dear to my heart.  It’s also a dynamite skill to have to expand the universe of possible clients.

We should do something similar this year.

I’m torn between  looking at tax issues in bankruptcy, or digging into family law matters in our practice. Do you have a preference?

Other suggestions about what perplexes you about bankruptcy practice?  What would you like to see explored here?

My thanks for your comments on the site and emails directly to me.  I treasure each reader.

See you in 2014.

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